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In Austin Texas, Solar Window Screens play a crucial energy efficiency role for many of Austin's homes. We here in Austin TX get brutally hot and long summers that seem to drag on and on.  If you live here in Austin you know what I am saying. 

Solar Screens sit on the outside of the window between the window and the sun.  Solar Window Screens act as a sun shade device for your windows.  By providing shade for the windows, you are keeping the glass of the windows from getting hot, AND you are keeping the sun's rays from entering your home keeping the rays from heating up anything they come in contact with. By doing this, by providing shade for your home's windows, you will keep the inside of your home considerably cooler, and by doing so, the air-conditioner will not have to run as much to have to cool off the house.



Most solar screen customers will put the solar screens on every window of a side of a house.  Meaning, if you have nine windows on the front of your home you will want to put a solar screen on each of the nine windows.  This is for sure true for those visible sides of the house, as you want the home to look good, you want the appearance to be a clean uniform look.  On the front of your home you do not want to have solar screens on say five of your nine windows, as it will look uneven and odd.


Josh & Paula Hobbs for Solar Window Screens in Austin TX


There are many grades of solar screen fabrics and two are manufactured here in the United States by the companies Phifer and Twitchell, the other fabrics are made in China.  I only do business with Phifer, and I only use one of their fabrics, their highest-end, longest lasting and most durable fabric which is called the Suntex.  This Suntex Sun Control fabric is available in 80% and 90% shading densities, which I use both.  The Suntex fabric is also available in five color options which I outline on my website  I only custom build my solar screens out of the 80% and 90% Suntex fabrics, I do not build solar screens from any other products, as I only believe in building my solar window screens to be the best I possibly can.


Austin Solar Screens fit over any type of Window. 90% solar screen density is best for West facing windows.

From my website you will see that I have five colors of the solar screen fabric I can build your solar screens from.  In addition to the five colors of fabric, I also have five colors of framing. The five framing colors are the exact same five color options that all windows are made from. Window framing color is for the most part an industry standard. There are a few rare exceptions. Point being, 99.99% of the time our framing is an exact match to the color of the window framing. Generally we will build our solar screens with the same  colored framing as what the windows have. If the window framing color is white, we generally will build the solar screens out of our white framing to match. But this is not always the case, as sometimes we can use a colored framing say the tan or champagne when you have white window frames and the contrast will look good. If you have a home with Tan or Champagne like trim going around the home, then we could likely use the tan or champagne framing on white framed windows. Using a colored frame on the solar screens that's different than the window frame looks good sometimes as it's like you are outlining the solar screen giving it dimensional color depth.  On my website I have tons of close-up pictures showing this.  And, when we look at the house, we will always make color recommendations, so no worries, we will make sure you get the best looking color combination for your Austin Texas home.  And, from my website you can order for free a sample kit which has all these material samples in it.

Solar Screens uniformly look the best when they are on all the windows such as illustrated here. Solar Window Screens are the BEST energy saving device you can use for Austin Texas homes.


If you live in the Austin TX area to include Pflugerville, Hutto, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Leander, Georgetown, Lakeway, Bee Caves, Buda and Kyle, you are within my service area.  Being within my service area, with my installed Austin solar screen pricing being as reasonable as it is, it doesn't make any sense to try to make and install solar screens yourself.  Please take a look at the installed pricing I have openly published on my website to see for yourself how inexpensive my pricing is.


For our Austin TX Solar Screen Installations you can mix 80% and 90% fabric densities. 80% Solar Screens on the left and 90% Solar Screens on the right.
Solar Window Screens for Austin Texas Apartment and Condo Communities Shade your home's windows with Austin Solar Screens.
Austin TX Solar Screens will keep the heat out. If you window gets sun, you want to shade it with a Solar Screen.

Review submitted to by one of their many HAPPY Austin TX Solar Screen Customers

Round Rock TX - Solar Window Shade Screen installation.

We used the black solar window shade screen fabric to build these window shades with. This customer could have used either the chocolate or black solar window shade fabric. Either combination would have looked good on this home.

We put the solar window shades on every window of this customer's home to include those windows around his front door. He has a side light on either side of the front door and an arched window over the front door. The home looks really good, because every window is now shaded with one of our solar window shades.


Sun blocking window screen - Austin, TX installation.

This home needed some protection for its windows from the sun. It needed some screens to block the sun from the windows, therefore our sun blocking window screens were the answer. We used the 80 percent chocolate fabric to build our sun blocking window screens with, and we used the white framing to frame out the screens.

This customer rightfully chose to put a sun blocking window screen on every window of the front of this home to include the windows around the front door. The chocolate fabric color was an ideal color combination for this home. It goes really well with this customer's exterior.


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