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If you are going to be selling your home here in the Austin TX area, I highly recommend that you consider having the home staged as an important preoperational step.  A good seasoned home stager like myself can lend a great deal of valuable experience to you that will go a long ways towards your efforts of making the home show its best.  I personally have a very modestly priced $175 home staging consultation package where I will work with you for two hours helping you prepare your home.  I will look at every square inch of the property making notes of all the things that I see that need to be addressed, and I will email you the following day this list so that you can use it as a to-do checklist to work from.  If you want more of my time, like the below home that hired me for my staging consultation plus 5 more hours of my time, my hourly rate is $75.  This customer wanted my help to completely stage each and every room for them using their furniture and accessories.  I did do a little blending with some of my items, and I did bring some of my home staging rental items in to spruce up the showing a little. 

The Home Staging was worth it !

This customer got their first GREAT offer within
three days of listing their home and subsequently several
more good offers as backups.

One hugely important thing to remember about my Home Staging Austin TX services is that my home staging techniques are primarily about creating a positive mood for the buyer. When a buyer walks in to the home they will immediately form an opinion.  You want that opinion to immediately be positive. No hesitation. You want a buyer to walk in to the house and say to themselves, now this is a nice house, this house feels good, it feels nice and comfortable, this house is pretty, these people that live here took care of this house.  You don't want a home to look cluttered so that the buyer has a hard time trying to look past the clutter. If the home is cluttered, the buyer will focus on the clutter, not the house, they will focus on your lifestyle, not the features of the home.  Look at the below home, it's a prime example of what I am talking about.  Imagine you as a buyer walking in to this home and 1st seeing the home as shown in the pictures on the left, then contrast that to seeing the home staged as shown by the pictures on the right.

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Occupied Home Staging Consultation
+5 hours of additional setup

The owners of this beautiful home located in the Rob Roy Subdivision of Austin TX found and contracted on a new home they loved in a nearby neighborhood and needed to market and sell this home immediately to accommodate the closing of their new home. Their realtor Judy Arnold had me initially meet with the home owners for the Occupied Home Staging Consultation to assess what needed to be done to prepare their home for market then I followed up a few days later to stage their home working their existing furnishings, art and accessories. First and most importantly each room downstairs needed to be set up and utilized for its main purpose. The formal living room would no longer be a children’s play room, the breakfast area would no longer be a children’s drawing board and play area and the family room would be set up to be a cozy space to enjoy family and television. Throughout the rest of the home I arranged furniture, accessories and art to give each room it best presentation.

The home was contracted within the first 3 days and had closed within 30 days.

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Before After
Austin Home Staging Example
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Home Staging Before Kitchen Picture Home Staging After Kitchen Picture
Austin Home Staging Before Formal Living Room Picture Austin Home Staging After Formal Living Room Picture
Home Staging Austin Before Bath Room Picture Home Staging Austin After Bath Room Picture
Home Stager Austin Before Bath Room Picture Home Stager Austin After Bath Room Picture
Austin Texas Home Staging Before Family Room Picture Austin Texas Home Staging After Family Room Picture
Home Staging Austin Texas Before Family Room Picture Home Staging Austin Texas After Family Room Picture

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