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If you have a home in the Austin TX area and are needing decorating assistance, please take a look at my website where you can learn about me as an Interior Decorator of Austin to see what I am capable of to include my very reasonable rates.

If you are in the Apartment or New Construction business and  need help with decorating a model property, I am a seasoned veteran at this and can lend a great deal of experience toward making that model attractive and show beautifully.

If you are a home-owner that simply needs help from an interior decorator to decorate some of your rooms - If you have large furniture pieces and just need help accessorizing a space, I can help you arrange those furniture pieces and I can help you source your accessory items.  I have a vast network of interior decor shopping places here in Austin that I can use to source the needed interior decorating items, as well as I love to use the internet, as I can email you pictures and links to items I like for your project, and internet shopping really cuts down on time.  I am a very fast shopper, so I can be very reasonable and quick with my billable time.


Austin Interior Decorator

If you have rooms in your Austin TX home that you can't get arranged just right, I can do this for you.  Because of my years of experience as an Austin Interior Decorator helping people with interior arrangements I can walk into a room and immediately figure out how and where things should be placed to enhance the flow and beauty of the room.  I can easily take a look at your belongings and determine what rooms and where in those room they should be located to.  For most people this is very hard to do, but for me it comes naturally and I am good at it. 

So often I walk in to a person's home that says to me that they have the furniture laid out correctly and just need help with accessories and decorations.  After looking at their layout, if I have a better recommendation of how their furniture should be placed, I will make it.  And, so-so-so often once I show my clients my placement ideas that are different than theirs, with enthusiasm they almost always say the same thing "what you do looks so good, I never thought to arrange my furniture like this".

Interior Decorating is an art.

Many people need help with paint colors.  Paint colors can be very tricky to the inexperienced eye.  Meaning a paint color will look entirely different on a small swatch sample than it will painted on a large wall.  Also, finding colors to compliment one another is very tricky.  You can use completely different colors to compliment each other if you know what you are doing.  I have years of experience at doing this as a decorator and can definitely lend my experience to you.

From my website try me out with my
2Hr Interior Decorating Consultation

package for $150 to get me over to your house to get some things done !


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Interior Decorators can help with furniture placement within a room. An Austin Interior Decorator can help with things like picking carpets and all kinds of other flooring needs.
A good Interior Decorator Austin TX will make your home look great. Interior Decorators should be able to work with all home design styles.

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